Welcome to a festival like no other!
and to the Museum dedicated to collecting,
preserving and communicating its legacy.

Photo Credit: Erik Kruthoff

About the Museum

The Bahamas Museum of Junkanoo is as vibrant, exciting, participatory and creative as the Junkanoo parade itself! Visitors are invited to explore the more than 300 year journey of a festival that started in West Africa and found a new home, here in The Bahamas. A festival that has evolved from a private defiance of the dehumanizing effects of slavery, to a universal expression of community, exhilaration and renewal.

In this new self-guided Museum, Junkanoo is given the spotlight it deserves. Aimed at everybody from lifelong Junkanooers and parade sponsors to tourists, the Museum is a source of education for those who don’t know and a source of pride for those who do.

Aims and Objectives
of the Museum

The aims and objectives of the Museum are to create a home for the Junkanoo community where its knowledge is collected, stored, and disseminated through education, exhibitions and research; provide platform for artisans’ voices and works to be supported and shared; and to communicate and share Junkanoo in an engaging, interactive, and memorable manner.


Photo Credit: Erik Kruthoff


Photo Credit: Erik Kruthoff

Plan Your Visit

The Bahamas Museum of Junkanoo is the first building you will see when you enter into the Nassau Cruise Port. You won’t be able to miss us and the Museum is disabled friendly. The Museum has 5 exhibit spaces and a beautifully curated retail space. While walk-ins are welcomed, you are encouraged to book your tickets ahead of time.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Sunday including Holidays
9:00am – 5:30pm
Last entry
30 minutes before Museum closing


The Bahamas Museum of Junkanoo

Prince George Wharf
Nassau Cruise Port,
Nassau, Bahamas.

Ticket Pricing

All visitors are encouraged to schedule a time slot to visit the Museum.

Admission: $10
Toddler (3 and younger): Free
* Prices subject to change without notice
Tickets are non-refundable. To request changes to your reservation,
please contact the Museum directly at
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